Motorcycle Rider Training
of Fort Wayne Inc.
ARC Class Requirements

                                         Requirements and Information
 *** For all courses without proper riding gear you will not be permitted to ride.

Motorcycle Rider Training of Indiana affirms it has completed all necessary requirements to be considered a
Motorcycle Operator Safety Education Course approved by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles for purposes of
IC 9-24-8-4 and is hereby authorized to issue skills and written tests waiver to any applicants that have
successfully completed the course.


•        Cost $75.00
•        Must have a motorcycle learners permit or endorsement
•        Must provide your own motorcycle
•        Must provide proof of insurance
•        Students should provide the following gear: DOT helmet, eye protection, long sleeves, long pants (without holes),   
full-finger gloves, and sturdy over-the-ankle footwear
•        Successful completion of the course will waive the state skills and written test for licensing
•        Successful completion of the course may qualify you for an insurance discount
•        Students should arrive at least 15 minutes before the class begins
There are no refunds and registration is NOT transferable
•        This class is on a pass or fail basis. MRT assumes no responsibility for any student completion of these rider
education courses. To complete the course you must attend all sessions and pass a riding skills evaluation..
SINCE 2001